Where Do Ants Go Marching?

Sometimes I imagine the ants in my apartment building as the last of a long brigade, part of a collective journey from a giant ant colony deep in a faraway jungle, carrying important information relayed from ant to ant. The persistent continuation of a vague but determined mission of collection, my existence merely a waypoint along theirs.

Ants and their relentlessness are fascinating and humbling, a machine worthy of the true definition of awesome. A formidable adversary.

After purchasing an orange can of insect repellent, I fell into a sort of cold war with the ants: Perhaps catching wind of my purchase, they have backed off a little from their insatiable search for sugar, giving me no cause to break the seal on the orange can.

This strange détente is either more meaningful or more banal than I imagine, but I have no doubt that in the end my respect for the ant will remain.


One thought on “Where Do Ants Go Marching?

  1. nice 🙂 i heard a super interesting show on why/how they march on NPR but can’t seem to find it online. basically they follow pheromones of the others before them. more ants traveling a path creates more pheromones and it grows exponentially. they said they only stumble into the sugar (or whatever) pretty much on accident. i guess that’s a huge part of how they communicate too. also learned if you put down a thin strip of vasaline (or grease or similar) the ants won’t cross over it. works great.

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