Ahh, the Kids

A motley brigade of school children loose on a side street in Vung Tau. Shy and demure, they were too young to know about flashing the peace sign — a refreshing relief — but curious enough to stand still for the camera.


Vacancies Galore

We hit Phan Rang-Thap Cham ahead of the tourist influx, which turned out to be a good thing because apparently during high season the place is overrun with Russians, who are not, to put it politely, the friendliest of travelers. Fortunately for us, this meant we had an entire resort pretty much to ourselves (admittedly it was a bit run down, but pleasant and clean enough for the price point). Over the course of two days and two nights, we saw exactly one other car parked in the resort lot, and never saw its owners. This lack of activity left plenty of time for the pool cleaning guy and the security guard to spend some quality time together and act chummy in front of the camera.