Possible T-Shirt Slogan Ideas No. 17


The Junior Officers Club

Up To You

Don’t Stop

Fix The Machine

Love Is Love

Smooth Operator

If It Ain’t Broke


T-shirts with American slogans, cliches and catchphrases are all the rage in Vietnam — and the text doesn’t have to make sense to be popular. In fact, the more oblique the better. For example, one shirt I spied sported an attempted knockoff of the Chanel No. 5 logo sitting atop the simple imperative, “Smile and dress well,” a suggestion many Vietnamese take to heart. Another shirt displayed the stacked words “Breakfast Coffee Pancakes,” a rudimentary sentiment I couldn’t argue with. My favorite so far though was a jacket promoting some kind of local sports organization, the back of which was plastered with this long-winded-but-thorough description: “Professional Exciting Sports. American Activities in the Flush of Youth. We Appear Every Time So Fine in Style.”


Knock It Off

If they hadn’t cost me $1.50 I might have believed these Oakley’s were real; when they snapped in half two weeks later I knew I’d made a sound investment in a knockoff. Many normally pricy items can be found for cheap in Vietnam, but as with most things in life you get what you pay for. Spending a couple bucks more for the real thing is usually the better long-term deal.